Hopelmar was was founded to help entrepreneurs accelerate their business throught Hopelmar Distribution Channel services. We believe to help Indonesia grow faster, we need to start from accelerating entrepreneurs' business

PT. Hopelmar Internasional was incorporated in Juni 2012 as consulting company. The company has grown significantly become a group company named Hopelmar with various activities and business such consulting, safety services, and trading company

At the end of 2015 the company has diversified its consulting and trading activities into a fully Integrated Network Service Provider of Distribution and Supply Chain whitch distributing the LED lighting, electrical acessories, ceramic tile, and iron door to all over Indonesia. At mid 2017 the company has had own Legality it’s PT. Hopelmar Mitra Distribusi. The business was also expanded to a wider range of products such motor cycle inner tube, bearing and in the near future is motor cycle tyre..

To distribute all these products, the Company operates a network of 52 distribution centers scattered across all major cities in Indonesia and supported by 25 employees. This broad distribution network has helped the Company’s success in gaining trust to distribute products from its principals.
Become a Leading and Reliable Company in an Integrated Network Service Provider of Distribution and Supply Chain in Indonesia

Dynamic and always to increase the ability, reliability and innovate in providing services for the realization of total customer satisfaction

We are take personal responsibility and proactive action plans to develop ourselves through contiuous learning and upgarading

We constantly evolve to create innovative solutions to better service our clients

We are ethical and trustworthy in all dealings

We collaborate with mutual respect, supporting one another to achieve common goals effectively and efficiently

We are highly competent and dedicated to providing professional service and met an industrial standards
PT. Hopelmar Mitra Distribusi is an Integrated Network Service Provider of Supply Chain of Distribution and Supply of Goods which is committed to GIVING THE BEST SATISFACTION WITH VALUE ADDED FOR CUSTOMER, PRINCIPAL AND STAKE HOLDER

So, the Top Management of PT. Hopelmar Mitra Distribusi always ensure such:
1. Capability development, reliability and Human Resources skills
2. Continual innovation as a value added service
3. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
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